Art in Hyde Park Walk

Saturdays & Sundays 11:00a-12:30p

Memorial day - Labor day

Private tours run year round, anytime or day. 

Join local artists and experts on this morning walking tour that explores the public art and murals of Hyde Park. Works by Astrid Fuller and William Walker, Caryl Yasko and many others make the viaducts from 47th to 60th Streets more than a place of transience. They have become a part of the Hyde Park narrative, the stories that keep the neighborhood familiar and alive. These public works of art were made with the help of local students, volunteers and passersby and some have been recently restored.

Tour guides are always grateful for any tips received for a great tour.  

The Art in Hyde Park Walk has a 

significant amount of walking and is not recommended for anyone who can not walk and stand for long periods of time.

There is around 1.5 - 2 miles of walking total.

Meeting locations are sent in your confirmation email

once you register for a specific date. 

“Chicago has so much excellent architecture that they feel obliged to tear some of it down now and then and erect terrible buildings just to help us all appreciate the good stuff.” 

                  Audrey Niffenegger